Destress Therapy

Our lives’ most unwelcome and unavoidable companion is stress. Any apparent or actual threat that the organism might have to deal with might cause stress. They are frequently brought on by various things, including changes in the surroundings, temperature extremes, restrictions, fear, fury, anxiety, grief, and pain. When someone can’t handle their stress, it turns into “distress.” Our bodies create more cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenaline under stressful situations, which causes a rise in heart rate and sweating.

Distress is known in Ayurveda as “Sahasa,” and it is a significant factor in developing many ailments. Sahasa is discouraged by Ayurveda since it harms every aspect of the human body. Ayurveda identifies the issue’s underlying causes and applies a customized treatment plan.

The issue is not stress but how we respond to it. We are unable to handle stress because of an imbalance in the three main mental processes of Dhi (learning), Dhriti (retention), and Smriti (long-term memory), as well as a lack of “Ojas” (energy) in the body.

The Stress Management Program at Spineveda includes several relaxation techniques, such as Sunidra, to help the body release accumulated stress and increase Ojas (energy) levels by restoring hormonal balance and enhancing blood circulation. It focuses on building mental toughness so that you can handle stress in any circumstance, which improves restful sleep, a stimulated neurological system, and a healthy body.

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I can see considerable improvement in my condition. The doctors and staff provide a very competent service and homely atmosphere.

Sunil Trivandrum

Dr. Jijo Joy was able to correctly diagnose my problem and the treatment I underwent here helped to cure me completely.

Rajesh Trivandrum